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As we enter into a new financial year LBWF have just sent out your BID Levy bills, which remain at 1% of your Business Rates. The insert that comes with your bill explains the projects we aim to deliver over the next 12 months. Please see the information from LBWF below to assist with your payment:

Online Payments

You can make your payment online using your debit/credit card, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our Payments portal.

There will also be a QR code on your bill.

Telephone Banking

If you have a telephone banking facility, contact your bank. You will need to give your BID account number and the following details: sort code 20-00-00 bank account number 53234460.

What happens if I don’t pay the BID levy?

If you do not pay your BID Levy recovery action commences in line with legislation and the BID agreement in place. The recovery process is as follows:

  • Bill – Initial request for payment of BID levy with an instalment due date.
  • Reminder – Issued where the BID levy has not been paid as per the bill issued. This notice requests payment within 14 days of issue.
  • Summons – If the reminder issued remains unpaid a summons will be issued where costs of £179.50 are applied. This summons confirms a court date where we will request for a liability order to be issued against you which will allow us to recover the debt.
  • Liability Order – Once this has been obtained, an additional £20 of costs will be applied to your account and further recovery action will commence. This action may include escalation to Enforcement Agents who will apply their own fees for collection.

If you are facing financial difficulties and cannot pay your BID levy, please contact us on receipt of your bill or a subsequent reminder. As outlined above, once your account reaches the summons stage there will be additional costs payable.