Renewal Ballot 2022

Renewal Ballot

This year in November 2022 we will go to the ballot polls once again to vote on another 5-year term for the Argall BID. The Argall BID has been here representing the interests of local businesses since 2007 and we are just about to complete our third 5-year term. 

The current structure has 9 Directors based across the Argall industrial area, who give their time and resources on a voluntary basis, a BID manager, a security office, and a bookkeeper. We work with local stakeholders to keep the estate safe, clean, and connected, and we will be encouraging businesses to vote for the Argall BID to stay in place for a further 5-year term, which would keep us in situ until December 2027. 

As businesses are learning to cope with the extraordinary challenges of the last few years, the Argall BID has worked in close cooperation with the London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF), to disseminate information on available support, whether this is via rates relief or grant support, or other business support opportunities. 

We have provided a series of industry-standard, certified First Aid training courses across 3 levels for businesses and we provide a quarterly newsletter and recently upgraded website to promote local business, keep you updated with local business news, including information on grants, a new interactive business directory, a fully automated parking permit system, and more. 

In the coming months, we will be engaging with businesses to capture your thoughts and feelings regarding the future of the BID and how we can best use our resources to support local businesses. 

Every five years the BID term comes to an end and businesses will be asked to support the BID for a further five-year term. The success of the vote is determined by the number of businesses who vote in favor of the BID and the number of businesses who vote in favor by rate able value. Watch this space for further developments and for any information regarding the upcoming renewal ballot please email: