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Our security guard Peter Noseda has retired after 11 years’ service. Peter was a real character who worked hard over many years to meet our commitment to keep the estate both safe and secure. THANKS Pete and we wish him a long and happy retirement. Advanced Vison Surveillance (AVS) who currently install and maintain our security network of ANPR and 110 security cameras, will be taking over the security operation for the remainder of this BID term – i.e. until  31 December this year. We will be running a customer service desk from the portacabin  one day a week (times to be advised) as well as providing the usual support liaising between businesses and the Police to provide assistance with CCTV as required. The new contact details for all security matters are as follows: 0208 363 3444 or email: – response time is 24 hours. You can also view the request for CCTV form below:

CCTV request form22