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The Argall BID has a maximum lifespan of 5 years, after which time we hold a renewal ballot. We have been here in situ since 2007, supporting the business community in numerous ways. In recent times we have worked with LBWF to assist businesses with grant information, maintained and upgraded our security network, and provided training and marketing opportunities to a reft of businesses here. We also manage the car parks and keep the estate clean and tidy and work with local stakeholders to ensure the estate is as clean and safe as possible. We will be sending out a team of locally recruited canvassers from July to interview businesses to find out how you would like the BID Levy money to be spent over the next 5 years. Interviewers will be asking businesses a range of questions that will enable us to gather your views and opinions on the BID and your priorities going forwards. Please give the team a few minutes of your precious time to help us collect the data we need. Your views and opinions will form the basis of the proposal document that we will produce and send out to businesses in the autumn. If you have direct questions regarding the Argall BID renewal ballot please email: