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In November this year, Argall BID will go to ballot to try and secure a fourth 5-year term. Many of you will have spoken with our team of interviewers earlier this summer, when we engaged with businesses to find out about their views and opinions on the Argall BID, and ask about the improvements they would like to see across the industrial area. Over the last 5 years we have seen many improvements on the estate, including improved CCTV and security, training opportunities, upgraded car park management and the maintenance of a clean and safe environment. We also work with local stakeholders, in particular LBWF and the local SNT to ensure that the estate is clean and safe, and that we can deal with estate issues swiftly. You will soon be receiving documents from CIVICA Election Services (CES) – you may already be in receipt of the Notice of Ballot which informs you the renewal ballot will take place in November. We will shortly be sending out our Business Proposal document,  then CES will send out your ballot papers by 28 October and the voting period will be between 01 and 28 November. We will announce the result shortly afterwards. Watch this space for news and updates regarding the renewal ballot. We hope that, as in previous years, businesses will vote YES to ensure that the BID continues to represent and work for the benefit of the Argall business community. If you require any further information on the renewal ballot, please contact the BID manager Juneed via email: or by phone: 07517 985 634.